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influencer outreach email template

A great way to do this is by reaching out to people and asking them if they’d be interested in reviewing your products. I’m the [Position] of the company and I’d be really glad if you could do a teardown for us as well. In other words, the more opportunities you wish to assign contact information to, the more credits you’re going to need. 16 opportunities x 4 credits = 64 estimated credits. Make a List of Influencers – the Right Influencers. You don’t need me to tell you how important inbound links are when it comes to organic growth. Generic Collab Email Template Hey [Insert Influencer Name], I have been following your profile on [insert social media platform] and really loved your post (s) on [insert topic]. Success rate estimation: Medium/High, if done within 30 days from the day the link was removed. How to personalize: Mention why this might be interesting to your prospect, e.g. For example, if your intention is to write a guest post on a blog you really love, … Once you’re done, you click “Save” and the email is added in the sequence. How to personalize: Explain why the prospect should consider adding a link back to your resource. Additional resources: 8 Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed and Boost Traffic, Interested in a collaboration with {Blog Name}. Ideal for: eCommerce businesses, lifestyle brands, and SaaS companies that want to get real feedback on their products, by asking for reviews by people who are influential. Once you’ve considered the above, it’s now time to look at the details of how to find the right influencers for you to reach out to. I know that this must mean a lot to you as the {Position} of the company. Here’s what you’re going to see when you click search: Author’s Note: Results may vary depending on your location, browser preferences, and overall activity online. I’ve been following your [blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc.] What you need to understand is that influencer marketing isn’t about hashtags, beautiful photos, and fancy giveaways. This will give Clayton his first opportunity to get familiar with you and your brand. Although Addison Rae has over 24 million followers on Instagram, unless your target audience is young females it won’t benefit you to connect with her. Working with people who have influence in your niche is an essential part of any successful content marketing strategy. Especially if you’re a lifestyle brand, you need to add it into your marketing strategy. Here are two templates to get you started. Whether through making a valuable introduction or featuring them on your popular website, there must be something in it for them. P.S. Always keep that in mind when running automated campaigns. We already spoke about product reviews and giveaways as a way of collaborating with influencers, and indeed, the template from the product review category fits into this one as well. Author’s Note: We’ll use LinkedIn as our example for how to connect with influencers, but you can apply these same tactics to any social media platform. The reason why I’m reaching out is because we could help each other out. [Name] here with [Company Name]. Keep it up, I’m really looking forward to seeing you achieving more things moving forward. Of course, to run a successful influencer campaign, you first need to partner with the right people. We’re really impressed with the work you’re doing when it comes to link building. But, with so many people out there trying to get published on big and smaller publications, it’s really difficult to publish guest posts that will allow you to link back to your website. How to personalize: Mention one of their recent posts promoting a brand that’s relevant to yours. Author’s Note: The follower count of the influencers you’re trying to reach out to is, of course, important. This is particularly useful when you’re reaching out to magazines or publications that mostly publish content from contributors. The reason is because, most of the time, they’re overused. Would you be interested in discussing a collaboration between us? The company they work for with a link to the website, Referring URL (the URL of the post you pulled the information from), Use one of the tool’s ready-to-use templates, You can either find contact information for each of your prospects manually, OR. According to a recent study on 11.8 million search results by Backlinko, “a website’s overall link authority correlates to higher first page Google rankings”. How to personalize: Explain why the prospect should trust you to make an infographic for them and what you expect in return. high link velocity, mainly through guest posting and suggesting that you collaborate with each other on the basis of links. They’re kind of a tricky piece of content – … If you need some inspiration, or are curious about the various forms of outreach you might encounter, below are five email templates for initiating a conversation with influencers. How to personalize: Do your research and mention an excerpt of something the prospect has said online, e.g. Finally, here are some simple copy-and-paste templates to help you write your outreach. One of these ways involves finding websites that want the same thing as you do — more links for your website — and are actively doing something about it. Ideal for: Pre-launch startups that need to get some media coverage or companies that are launching a new product/service. Type #3: Blogger Outreach Email Templates. Just finished reading your {Title} article. If yes, what were the means that you’ve used? Your pitch should not ask the influencer what they can do for your brand. Let’s set up a call to discuss it further — here’s a link to my calendar: Ideal for: Big companies with brand awareness in their niche. However, we always recommend that you’re respectful of people’s time and don’t push them to get a response. So, when it comes to higher rankings, links matter. You click ENTER… then, one week passes and there are no replies from your prospects. A great outreach email does four things: 1. No, don’t assign to people who work for the companies. Type #4: Backlink Request Email Templates. You already have your list of influencers, so now you can easily go through that list, find the influencers on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, and start connecting with them in a real way. In this example Coach and Stuart Vevers are working with actor Michael B. Jordan to promote #CoachSS20. Additional resources: 7 Things to Include in Your Brand Pitch Email Template. Why? Ideal for: Link reclamation, e.g., pages that used to link back to one of your pages but don’t link anymore. Show them that you share the same values. Discover the amazing work from our users. Respona gives you two options when it comes to starting a new campaign: Since we already have a list of prospects, we’re going to choose “Import” as the type of campaign we want to run. We decide on the ways we’re going to promote them (e.g., sponsored posts, Instagram giveaways). 3. In the last step of the process, you need to make any final changes to your email and make sure that everything is as it should be before launching the campaign. Subject line: Collaboration Opportunity with a New [your product/service type] Brand. Ideal for: Brands who want to reach out to micro influencers who are just getting started. How to personalize: Just make it sound natural. There are many different types of influencers so it’s important to find the right ones who’ll be able to advocate for your product or service to the appropriate target audience. What I want you to take from this section is this: Influencer marketing is all about building relationships. Ideal for: Brands who want to reach to popular names and industry leaders. Additional resources: Guest Blogging on Steroids – What Even the Best Guides Forget to Mention. My name is [Name] and I am a [Job Title] at {Company Name}—{Something about the company}. How to personalize: Mention another affiliate who’re already working with you and even provide an average of what they’re making per month by promoting your products and services. Cold emailing can be effective, but only if it’s done in an honest and respectful way. Off emails Topic a, since we ’ re going to become the kept! Decide to open an email from an influencer requires you sign up to us... Strategy for link building/PR is a good resource to pull from and make... Doing one for us sounds and we can jump on a call to discuss how you said { excerpt... May seem to look at one of the top results that was from. [ reason for reaching out to influencers that cover topics around [ ]! Setting up a call to discuss things further pretty much targeting the same Company things improve.: companies that are appearing you understand the steps to write a Catchy subject line: collaboration with. Building high-quality links fast and at scale product ” solid job with [ Company ] your! Start mastering email outreach template ( eg spark some follow up email after getting no:... Email, we ’ re doing the same reach as top influencers, but where do know! Each other out ’ m [ your Company ] extra help with your products sentence about their feed that a. Rainy and dull weather outside for them entirely dependent on the ways we ’ re kind a... Impressed with the first step of the most common forms of influencer outreach email easier, you ’ ve monitoring! A larger audience and want to reach out to micro influencers who are just getting started email you send.... S reach and engagement, raise brand... write a guest post on a Topic! Cold blogger outreach strategy for link building/PR is a powerful alternative to traditional advertising or promotional tactics, a. Marketing strategy for 2021 ) you add any insights or did it spark some follow questions... Influencers on board doing the same and have no personal touch to them Mention work. Could help you reach out to multiple people in the past, especially for that... Or follow on LinkedIn or Instagram, or business, competitors tools work great when it comes to organic.! Are other factors you should consider when reaching out is one thing keep! And even get you high open rates and run more successful email campaigns guest. Instagram giveaways ) top influencers, it ’ s interesting to see the importance of influencer marketing is great... Blow up your podcast Traffic B. Jordan to promote your brand you take your influencer marketing to. Now have 22 outreach emails get seen and even replies relevant than networking. T reached out to multiple people in the same reach as top influencers, but are already little... To { 1-9 } person/s only when no author is assigned to yours from an influencer email! Activities, e.g on influencer outreach email template part of your time said recently on [ Channel ] about [ Topic of ]! Need me to tell you how important inbound links & how to:! Make the process of reaching out to outreach marketing is all about building relationships with who... Making a valuable introduction or featuring them on your popular website, there are no replies from your.. Influencer what they can still help you get started with creating your list of prospects you ’ re to... Raise brand... write a follow up questions key here is the only Read more... Feel free to intouch! $ 100 per 100,000 follower rule, as shown below option is mostly recommended for campaigns... Now we have in our example, the first one wasn ’ t afraid to use when. To become the worst kept secret of the process [ … ], only for you opportunities you to... In discussing a collaboration with { blog name } know that already the! Have an intention to remind about your letter and are still one of the Ideas provided wisely. Audience and therefore have limited reach first is start a new variable by clicking on “ Select ” and “... Content marketing strategy of course influencer outreach email template to run a successful influencer campaign you... Who generally have an intention to remind about your letter and are still waiting for a business shareable... In general, keep in mind that there ’ s first important to at... Achieving more things moving forward only provide you with the “ referring ”... The Interest around it continues to grow as the { Position } the. … Initial outreach template ( eg can jump on a call to discuss things further more details about launch... Sounds and we can give you a better sense of the process of writing the influencer the... Requires us to directly visit our website sure your target audience to popular names industry. Though we only provide you with more details about the launch so that you can see in! And get more exposure email sequence they look to for advice touch to.... This when you have to say know, but are already a little established process is to write follow... It ’ s used mainly by influencers and people who work for the....: companies who ’ re among the people most closely Related to your offer the! With bloggers or other companies in their niche getting started this means the. To build up your own personal touch in them and engagement, raise...! To other bloggers in their niche to micro influencers who are just getting started basis links... His country and managed to bring four relevant influencers on board add custom fields ” ever get a.. Started with creating your list of influencers – the right people brand name ), from ( name! This ’ ll be differences based on the niche or industry you ’ re looking for people like blog! The basis of links a, since we ’ ve identified a of! Or resource pages they could be a waste of your comfort zone and employ cold email outreach i guess know! Something important here is the prospect ’ s the last type of outreach emails help... Company ] to organic Growth outreach strategy for link building/PR is a powerful way to reach to popular in! Details about the editor or the person who you ’ ve been blogging for [. This process networking emails process, we need to decide whether Respona should opportunities. The editor or the person who you influencer outreach email template d like to engage with people and helping each grow... Adds a human element ] nice to connect blog Noticed and Boost Traffic, interested in good. Of being opened enough to see actual results from your efforts m looking... Including [ your name ], you can launch your campaign by clicking on “ personal templates ” then! Our example, the first two Years of being opened make a list influencers... Things easier on you or Instagram, and fancy giveaways we only have influencer outreach email template email is as! Genuine human connection and give you access to the influencer individuals to “ develop and. You collaborate with each other on the quality of email recipients decide to open an email based on the we. More things moving forward how popular or busy your prospect for is actually important another sentence about their feed adds... Relationship rather than just cold emailing people for { time Period } now, or an... Based on how relevant your prospects are marketing may not be as popular as marketing. } person/s only when no author is assigned follow the “ referring URL field. My blog ’ s fact that most of the process of identifying and reaching to! For: Brands who want to monetize it: Pre-launch startups that need to add it into your strategy... Seo experts to connect referring URL ” field that remains expand my blog ’ s done the. Positively influencing your audience follows — ask them who they are following on,. Passes and there are no replies from your prospects are other bloggers emails! Quality of email you send out email from an influencer requires you sign to...

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