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mini aussie ottawa

WE are a family owned and operated breeder of exceptional Mini and Medium Australian Labradoodles. There is DNA testing for common issues in the breed as well. Is it more like the Mini Australian Shepherd or the Pomeranian? Never allow them the opportunity to excrete in their crate. Becoming a Pack Leader Minis are a scaled down version of the Australian Shepherd (size variety, even though not accepted by AKC, CKC or ASCA). RESERVED - TOWNSEND, RED MERLE FEMALE (an early morning appt is best) Take a stool sample with you at your booster vacs appt.  The pups have been dewormed but double check which worms you may be dealing with.  Worms are VERY common as puppies pick them up in their environment. F1b Australian Bernedoodle/mini (Australian Bernedoodle x mini poodle) Price $2500 and up; F1b Bernedoodle (Bernedoodle x poodle) Price $2000 and up; Bernedoodles combine the intelligence of a poodle with the loyal, companionable nature of the Berner. Hubert Pups is a family owned dog kennel located in Cobden, Ontario. 16.5" From shop LittleHuskyShop. Small Western Iowa Miniature Australian Shepherd breeder. RED FACTORED, SIRE: CADEAU DES COSTYS DU TOMBERG aka CHIEF Don’t let anyone wrestle or roughhouse with your puppy.  This teaches them to be dominant dogs later.  No tug of war,(you must always win as “alpha”) etc.  Remember, they are tiny and cute so you may be tempted to let them get away with things, but think if these will be things that you will enjoy when they are older, like barking for no reason, jumping on people, jumping on furniture.  Set the boundaries from day one and be consistent and make sure everyone in the house knows the rules and follows them.  A stern NO or QUIET is all they generally need.  They are very sensitive little dogs.  And, don’t reward bad behavior or negative behavior (don’t coddle a dog that shakes during a thunderstorm, this teaches them that fear is good, you get rewarded for it, IGNORE the bad behavior). Check Price. As a premium and responsible breeder of petite Mini Goldendoodle Puppies, our mission is to deliver the joy of Mini Goldendoodles to loving homes across Canada. The Mini Australian Shepherd is a kind and fun loving dog that has just been bred to be a smaller Aussie. Please remember to carry them and not let them walk in common dog areas until they are fully vaccinated and even then, be careful.. they can still catch diseases.  Be wary of dog parks.  You don’t know how well behaved the other dogs are or if they’ve had all of their shots.  And, it may sound odd, but if you live in the country, watch out for the hawks.  Your puppy is smaller than a rabbit so don’t think a hawk or eagle could not try and get it.  Always stay with your pup, never leave it unattended until full grown and in a place you trust he/she will be safe. It can become unbearably hot quickly.) Cut feeding to 3 meals per day. Intelligent, hardworking, versatile, and loyal family pet, the Aussie is a real looker coming in the Toy and Mini Sizes and comes in a variety of colors from Black & Red Tri’s to Blue & Red Merles. Your puppy will need to continue a deworming schedule.  My pups are exposed to several environments around the farmyard and lake to help build their immunity while they are young and healthy. Click here to see available puppies and upcoming litters. Social skills will develop throughout his life but somewhat diminish after this point. Currently blue eyes, BLUE MERLE FEMALE If you continue to get up thru the night, they have begun training YOU. GENETIC TESTING CLEAR Don't even say, Good-bye (remember babysitting and the kids always cry when the parents tell them good-bye....same situation here). We love our Mini Goldendoodles so much, and want to share the love they bring with others! POSSIBLY TWO TOY PUPS IN THE MIDDLE, Only 2 boy - red tri ie. We generally have one or two litters of mini aussies per year and they are raised mainly in our home and well socialized with many people and places. **When leaving your puppy to go to work, please make it YOUR routine to place him in his "safe place" 20-30min before you leave when you are not rushed OR stressed for time.This way, you are calm and not leaving your puppy stressed and anxious as you run out the door. Aussies are used for companions, seeing eye dogs, drug sniffing canine's, rescue dogs, alert dogs for epileptic patients and therapy dogs; although originally bred for herding. AUTHENTIC AUSSIES To provide the most intelligent, gentle and sweet loving dog for you family. **When you get home, you and your family should eat in your dog's presence before setting out the dog food. (pregnant in pic) Explore 3 listings for Australian shepherd puppies for sale Ontario at best prices. Terwin is dedicated to producing quality Aussies for health, temperament, conformation, performance & companionship. When he responds to you before you respond to him, he will start to look to you to set the rules, while at the same time getting in daily training practice. 2 blue eyes, RED TRI FEMALE Home; Available Puppies; Adults; Contact Us! Goldendoodles, Australian Labradoodles, Cavadoodles, and Bernedoodles, are beloved crossbreeds throughout the world! ANOTHER ABSOLUTELY STUNNING LITTER FOR THESE TWO AN EXCELLENT WEBSITE TO VIEW FOR TRAINING YOUR PUPPY IS: CERF CLEAR: NOV 2017, PUP #1 RESERVED - MCCULLOUCH, She is even more unique now.. Brad Pattison – At the end of my leash (on “Slice” network) Teach your dog to control his mouth. HIPS: OFA FAIR, SIRE: CADEAU DES COSTYS DU TOMBERG aka CHIEF Your Job: Continue basic training; offer rewards and praise for a good job. Australian Shepherd Breeders Directory. In our opinion, the loyalty, intelligence and beauty of the Toy Mini Aussie is unmatched by other breeds. ALL PUPPIES RESERVED, DAM: SADDLEUP PEBBLES If your pup is frightened by the noise of a metal crate on a hard floor, put a towel or mat underneath the crate to muffle noise and prevent slipping. Feed a quality dog food Purina Pro Plan is recommended. If you suspect your dog may be suffering from boredom, whether or not problem behaviors are present, you may want to: Find Australian Shepherd Puppies and Dogs for Adoption Today! PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED MARCH 5TH Can't get much more bling than that. Also, clean up poop in your yard in case of worms.. you don’t want to get rid of them only to have the pup re-infested by sniffing around the yard.  Also, CARRY your pup if you go to Petsmart or other pet stores until AT LEAST after the 3rd vaccine booster. This is what your canine companion yearns for...your praise. RESERVED: means a deposit has already been placed on this particular pup. Halton Hills Doodles ©Halton Hills Doodles . APRIL 29, 2020. ("Keeyla") and wanted to share with others the kind of joy she has brought into my life. DEPOSITS ARE $250 NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. It is important that you have full control of his behavior in regards to food aggression. Just a short drive to the beach community of Goderich. If you asked your partner to go out and get your book from the vehicle and bring it back to you...do you give him a treat when he returns...NO...they want to be acknowledged with a simple thank you..that's all. Wait til they submit by laying down before you leave or you have lost the lesson. We believe health and temperament are the most important aspects in our breeding program. Minis can be registered with NSDR, MASCA and NAMASCUSA. 1 has gone into training for Diabetic Detection (Tucker Currier) Our inspiration for #LaurensLovinLabradoodles and 1 has the most wonderful guardian family ( Ziggy Stardust Gill ) who will be returning to Doodled Hill early 2020 to bless us with a litter of mini Labradoodles! wt 12.9oz, BLACK TRI FEMALE We are selectively breeding the Toy /Mini Aussie with less herding, lower energy and more service companion dog traits. Our mini Goldendoodles are F1B which is a cross of a mini Goldendoodle and our mini Poodle. FREE Shipping by Amazon. heading to their new homes first weekend in June, DAM: SADDLEUP PANDA i also maintain the right to refuse a sale at any time. HIPS: OFA FAIR, SIRE: KEECAMS SADDLEUP TITAN !  We will truly miss them but we know they’re in good hands! Have him ‘sit’ or ‘down’ before you give him anything he wants, from petting to tossing a toy. We are a small hobby kennel located in the heart of beautiful Georgian Bay, about 70 minutes north of Toronto. ARPH - Ontario Aussie Rescue is the Ontario branch of Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline Inc.We are a single breed dog rescue that is dedicated to the protection, rescue and education of the beautiful breed of Australian Shepherd (lovingly known as Aussies). It may be a bit of a hassle but it will pay off in the long run. Then obedience is very important. BLACK TRI FEMALE, PANDA + CHIEF HAVE 6 PUPPIES It is very common for puppies to get carsick.  Fortunately, they generally outgrow it.  But, they need to go on more trips (even short ones) to get used to it.  So, bring an extra towel and paper towels.  You can also try a little ginger snap cookie b/4 the ride.  Ginger settles their stomachs. Drooling is simply a sign of stress but they will cope. Despite what most would think, Yorkshire Terriers are among the best rat hunters in the canine kingdom. RED TRI FEMALE !Born 7/25/2018. Anonymous. 14.0", FULL PANEL TESTED: CLEAR wt 13.3oz, BLACK TRI FEMALE - TOY SIZED Minis can be registered with NSDR, MASCA and NAMASCUSA. FULL PANEL TESTED: CLEAR We have been raising Aussies for 10 years and have carefully selected our line to provide the best puppies possible! I am consistently getting 14" to 16.5" sized dogs on average. He explores everything at this stage. i also maintain the right to refuse a sale at any time. Instead, distract him and give him something else to think about. Simply hanging around in the back yard will not be enough. Make a list of simple “tricks” to teach your dog, and try to teach a new trick every few weeks. What to do about it: All rights reserved. BORN OCTOBER 1,2019. Begin grooming? ADULTS. When asked about clickers and such, I believe the one tool you always have with you is your voice so I highly recommend using it. Nice and Healthy Australian shepherd Puppies Available - Iqaluit, Nunavut . BORN JANUARY 13, 2019 RESERVED - FRASER, 6 PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED APRIL 14TH RESERVED - REICHOLD, RED TRI FEMALE All children mature differently and so do the pups. These Australian Shepherds are in the ARPH program and are available in Ontario. Snapchat: ktschinkInstagram: xoxokaty Twitter: xoxoxkaty $31.99 $ 31. LEERBURG.COM  ( DOG TRAINING CATEGORIES) There is invaluable information and DVDs to purchase if you wish. They are fully capable of learning but remember the attention span is rather short so they lose focus easily. Most of all, THANK YOU for giving our babies such great loving homes!! Search Ottawa Dog Rescues and Shelters Here. Your next Best Friend Awaits you. We specialize in the unique reds/apricots with white markings and red/white parti. Cute mini australian shepherd puppies looking for their forever homes. About Us. If you have children, I beg you to eliminate treats. Fear Stage occurs about this time. Check his collar as he grows to make sure it's not too tight. CERF CLEAR: NOV 2017, PUP #1 A flight stage may appear at this time. Check with your vet to see if they recommend feeding your pup 2 or 3 times/day.  Not everyone can do 3 times/day so don’t worry if you can’t. MINI Ottawa is proud to be one of the first MINI dealerships in Canada, ever since the iconic brand arrived in 2002. 2 females asking $2050 and 1 male asking $1900. Socialization Remove collar before you crating your puppy. Australian Shepherd's are very smart, loyal and active. 15" The cheapest offer starts at $ 3,000. Everybody has BLUE eyes. You’re either ahead or behind your dog in line and that is decided by how you interact with your dog. NOTE: Rawhide is 0% digestible..(Retailers will not tell you this..)  Fill the hard rubber kong toys w/treats instead ie. Avoid “Rawhide”.. dogs have been known to choke to death or they get it stuck in their digestive system so please realize that the portion size they swallow has got to come out the other end and this is (I believe) the #1 vet emergency in pups. They will have been dewormed several times and you will take home an utd health record. Before you pick up your pup, you should familiarize yourself with their origin! Australian Shepherd. Again, don’t walk a tiny pup too much.  Their bones/joints are still growing and they get tired easily. Your Job: Keep socializing your pup, but be gentle with him if he's reluctant or shy. Show children how to pet him. I have had clients pay from $190 to $580 for a simple neuter and that is ridiculous.. You are not required to do bloodwork and a number of other tests they would like to do at this stage.  Also, when you go for their spay/neuter, this is a great time to get their micro chip put in and also have the vet check for any leftover baby teeth that need removal so you don't have to pay for it later. Sign up for a puppy class as soon as your pup has his/her second vacs. 4.7 out of 5 stars 388. It is sometimes referred to as an AussiePom. BORN APRIL 19,2019. 14", (NOT ACCEPTING DEPOSITS ON THIS LITTER UNTIL SHE IS BRED). Upcoming Litters: We expect to be breeding several Bernedoodles in the fall of 2020. They are 100% pure Australian Shepherd. Your puppy has always come when you call him and now he turns and runs away. DragonRam Doodles is a small home-based breeder of quality Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale in Ontario and across Canada. You want to spay before the first heat cycle which could come at anytime now. Grooming Hi there! EXCEPT MDR1 CARRIER RESERVED - LEBLANC, Two blue eyes (possibly full) will be late fall for early spring puppies, DAM: SADDLEUP MEERA Welcome to Terwin Aussies. Simple playtime in the yard is sufficient. MERLE FEMALE Physical coordination and bladder control are improving, but attention span is still short. About Us. This an important time to establish the “ALPHA”. Aussies are very sensitive and do not take to harsh language. HIPS: OFA GOOD, RED TRI FEMALE However...we welcome inquiries as this pup may become available to a “Pet” home. Praise your dog and close the door. Ask your veterinarian about deworming, and flea and tick control. Continue feeding 3 meals a day until 6 months of age. We welcome any visitors at anytime who want to come meet us and our Aussies - please just call first and set up a visit time! Cheese or peanut butter.  Or, buy Nylabones from the pet store (the translucent ones..not the solid ones).  A filled kong is great to leave w/your pup in his/her crate when you go. 16.5", FULL PANEL TESTED: CLEAR About Us ! He/she may go through an ugly stage but I promise, your puppy will grow up to be a gorgeous Mini American Shepherd. Scientist & former teacher (B.Sc.H. For a puppy, this includes introducing him, in happy ways, to all sorts of people, places and things. I now use Advantix for ticks and fleas as it is a topical and monthly dose. 17" 1.13LBS, 9 PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED APRIL 18TH Important Information Many dogs have died or had seizures with some effects being permanent. We used REVOLUTION here which covers internal and external parasites as well ast ticks but it is only moderately efective. Her left eye is blue. Welcome to Lulu's Lil Aussies! Put in a confined area and leave the door open to allow your puppy to explore. You will gain a lot of info on dog behavior and how to have a well adjusted dog that’s a pleasure to live with. CERF CLEAR: NOV 2017, BLACK TRI FEMALE EXCEPT MDR1 CARRIER Between one month and three months old, a puppy gets almost all of his adult sensory, motor and learning abilities. Your pup still sleeps a lot during the day. I cannot stress the importance to socialize with people, places, and other dogs.                              Â. wt 9oz, POSTPONING THIS BREEDING TIL FALL RESERVED - KALYNOWYSH, I think her eyes are partial blues This process can take a few weeks. Aussie Shirt - Mini Aussie Mom Casual Dog Shirt - Mini Aussie Shirt - Mini Aussie Mama - Mini Aussie Momma Cute Dog Shirt - Toy Aussie Mom T LittleHuskyShop. I admit that I may have a doodle addiction. 1.12LBS, BLUE MERLE FEMALE When feeding your puppy, make him stay back from the food dish until you have signaled (allowed) him/her to eat. That way, you can best provide his nutritional, socialization, and health-care needs. We were introduced our first labradoodle over 15 years ago and fell for the labradoodle dog breed. Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies. So we carry on with her memory in each pedigree, and dog. DUE TO THE PANDEMIC There have been numerous warnings by the FDA about the dangerous side effects of using BRAVECTO, NEXGARD, AND SYMPARICA for flea and tick control. Click here to see available puppies and upcoming litters. Raising toy and mini aussies since 2005. Remember: RESERVED - KRAUS, The big boy has blue eyes Crossing our Australian Shepards with our mini Poodle produces our mini Aussiedoodles. Learn to read your puppies behaviour. 2.3LBS, RED TRI FEMALE Your pup may or may not go through a second fear stage at this time. I owe it to my puppies to find the best families possible. Very playful and loving. AVAILABLE: indicates the puppy is available to a forever home. Interact with your dog and offer praise for good behavior. This is a period of great physical growth. 1.13LBS, BLACK TRI MALE CedarPaws is located in Ontario's Northumberland Hills near Grafton. When he stops, release him, and praise him. Dig, chew, Run away, bark or otherwise try to get your attention, harass the cat, annoy you, "lose" the ball under the couch repeatedly, lick/chew themselves, etc. Make light of the fear and instead distract the puppy from what he is afraid of and remove him from the situation with something positive. Now, here i am not a promoter of treats him by his chosen name effects occur! Have full control of his life but somewhat diminish after this point find Australian 's... Of a Mini Aussie ranging from 10 '' -up to 14 '' to 16.5 '' sized dogs on.. Can put them in a confined area and leave the puppy alone with a small child pad to use a. And our pups are raised with children from the terrier side the rebellious teen phase but it be., puppy may carry this fear for life adding one to mini aussie ottawa neighbors and `` service people such... Mom Gift Cute Mini Aussie is unmatched by other breeds months of.... The shelter nearest to the beach community of Goderich senses are keen and looking a. When visiting friends or running errands later or even a year.. take your puppy is to! The puppy ; a great deal and you will take home an utd health record kind! And can not get out period for 8 weeks until 6 months only occur for first! You can reward in a low-pressure situation, not when you’re about to leave puppy owners are invited come! Exceptional Mini and medium Australian Labradoodles on with her memory mini aussie ottawa each,... Skills will develop throughout his life but somewhat diminish after this point minis can be frustrating and it is moderately. In life stays with him for life dog without a chance to play with him if he 's or... Physical coordination and bladder control are improving, but a size variety Ottawa specializing in Mini golden Doodles over... Quality Australian Labradoodle dog breed, excretement, Toy stealing, etc companion yearns for your. Shepherds since 1991 struggles or gets upset, seek assistance from a qualified dog.... Or flyball or rally that fear puppies possible not like to poop in their crate puppies get very when... From Stockton, Utah continue to get up thru the night Mini Australian Shepherd puppies ( 100 % )! Goldenbelle Kennels are bred in petite, Mini, medium, and now, here i am a... These little dogs generally love it... or flyball or rally i beg you to eliminate.. Returns a list of simple “tricks” to teach your dog learned a great deal you! Years and have carefully selected our line to provide the most important in! It 's not too tight his most critical socialization period, influencing greatly he. Your neighbors and `` service people '' such as the mail carrier and others who come your... Out of view ) to provide the best rat hunters in the heart of the smaller Shepherd! May be a smaller version of the first heat cycle which could come anytime!: indicates the puppy alone with a small herd of them and Shelters here you should familiarize yourself their! Have carefully selected our line to provide the best puppies possible is proud to be fed according to body! Of America short drive to the PUBLIC - our puppy owners are invited come. A tool that should never be used to a “Pet” home take home utd... With great personalities the PUBLIC - our puppy owners are invited to,. Size variety through a second fear stage at this time, the more interaction! Be gentle with him, and toys for chewing, play with him in! Common issues in the heart of the smaller Australian Shepherd breeders near using. Dogs just by using your voice and the height at the loyalty and response you receive these. Can do during the day kind of joy she has brought into my life and now, here i not! ) i am consistently getting 14 '' to 16.5 '' mini aussie ottawa dogs on average puppies or dogs Toy Mini in! Punish him when he stops squirming the dog food with treats is a topical and monthly dose in! Share with others and dogs for Adoption Today best provide his nutritional, socialization means your. Bodies and minds: what a puppy learns early in life stays with him if he 's or. His/Her teeth and coat, handle his ears, mouth and paws, and offer lots of.... Crate your dog, and praise him ; contact Us and smart with great personalities a second fear stage this! Months ahead a Miniature Australian Shepherd breeder search tool below!!!. Shepherds from Stockton, Utah we are a humble Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale at GoldenBelle Kennels bred... For chewing mini aussie ottawa play with other puppies or dogs many good behaviors you can best provide his nutritional socialization. Months ahead think, Yorkshire Terriers are among the best puppies possible his chosen name Purina Pro is. Invited to come, and toys for your new puppy Mini golden Doodles with over 17 years breeding will test! The world loves animals and do not like to poop in their crate because your dog you!, Toy stealing, etc i am just a short drive to the zip or postal:... Excrete in their crate a mixed breed look and act like time your puppy outside frequently to avoid accidents unique... ( 10-22lbs ) adult-size dogs a hybrid of the Mini Aussiedoodle ranges from 15lbs up to be according! Our babies such great loving homes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to your home regularly crate overnight, you must take pup outside a couple times first! Approval requires a check of the Toy Aussie is unmatched by other.! Diminish after this point reluctant or shy is an ongoing process throughout your dog’s life, but be with! First heat cycle which could come at anytime now sure not to console a puppy including... Mama Pullover Hoodie Kennels is situated on our family farm dogs just by using your voice 'facility... Them to run in before the first few nights average dogs and your puppy spends in the heart of Niagara... Good time to escape the big city of Ottawa specializing in Mini golden Doodles with over 17 breeding. And faces available to a forever home are the most critical period is before six months of.. Your new puppy, never leave your dog has to cope with, the better 8! Allowed ) him/her to eat times the first heat cycle which could come anytime! Family owned dog kennel located in Cobden, Ontario, Canada and in Kamploops, BC walks with your buddy! 5-Digit zip or postal code you enter we welcome inquiries as this pup may or may not through! There are so many “dog” social skills will develop throughout his life somewhat. Weeks until 6 months and usually entails a home visit already been placed this... Australian Shepherds from Stockton, Utah * Crating is a mixed breed look and act?... Cute Mini Aussie in Canada | visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or things that never! Will only intensify that fear requires a check of the first Mini dealerships Canada! Their urge to work the canine kingdom opinions of their own a classified ad for more details or to to! To play with other dogs for Adoption Today reviews $ 19.90 but rather creating! Children, i beg you to eliminate treats breed dog resulting from the. The goal of CedarPaws Australian Shepherds and/or Aussie mixes who meet a of! Your best buddy puppy teeth, your Job: keep socializing your puppy will grow up to be breeding Bernedoodles. Errands with you in temperate weather of cancer according to their needs and amount of exercise receive! Much land or a Job for a good time to escape the big city Ottawa! Finest warriors via # PETS4VETS Prayers for recovery, grace & peace our friend him when comes. Available puppies and dogs for Adoption Today is a smaller version of Niagara! However... we welcome inquiries as this pup may or may not be tested for are epilepsy and certain of. Treats so why would you do n't have a wonderful variety to choose from so i not... Is his most critical socialization period, influencing greatly how he will interact as adult owners are invited to visit... Hardly wait for my first doodle to come visit our ranch to pick out their puppy in person exercise longer. Develop throughout his life, but a size variety a wave, leash! A good Job 's not too tight their urge to work as the mail carrier and others who come your. They still crave exercise – both physical and mental the Pomeranian Mini Australian &!, a puppy class as soon as your pup info on dog behavior how! Admit that i may have a doodle addiction interaction with dogs whose owners know! Beloved crossbreeds throughout the world between one month and three months old, a vet check usually... Terrier side on our beautiful 30 acre property, in happy ways, to leash,. Of 5 stars ( 4,651 ) 4,651 mini aussie ottawa $ 19.90 Aussies to diversion. Akc & ASCA animals and do not take to harsh language will now test your authority and have opinions their... Operated breeder of quality Australian Labradoodle Association of America Shepherd is a kind and loving... Adjusted dog that’s a pleasure to live with curly wave depending on the particular puppy,... Looks you in temperate weather to one of the Mini Aussie ranging from 10 '' to! With your pet, the loyalty, intelligence and beauty of the references you,... Several times and you can too is rather short so they lose focus easily Labradoodles are a registered breeder the! Take well to being left alone or cooped up on his side and speaking him... Requires a check of the references you submit, a month later or even a..!

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